Warning Graphic Photos!: My weekend Learning to process Chickens

I actually debated on if I should post these photos or not. Many people are very sensitive about butchering animals. But my goal here is to share with everyone things I have learned through our adventures in homesteading. Too many people now a days are disconnected with their food. They would rather buy meat from factories where the animals have no quality of life whatsoever and are pumped full of antibiotics and medicated feeds. These birds that we butchered were free ranged in EVERY sense of the word(NO chicken tractors for them) even though people will swear up and down and left and right that you cannot free range meat kings that their hearts and legs cant handle it or that they are too lazy and wont range. The methods that I was taught were both ethical, fast, and respectful. The birds that were lovingly raised weren’t stressed by a long trek to a facility and they were killed in a way that they only thrashed after their hearts actually gave out(Death throws).

we processed. All 25 birds with no issue at all thanks to the plucker our friend borrowed. I’m hoping I might be included in a co-share on a plucker in the future if all goes well!

Our friends dog enjoying processing day!(Chicken feet are GREAT for dogs teeth!)


WARNING: Graphic Photos Below!

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Korean food : Healthy and Delicious!

Everyone knows that I love food you just have to look at me to know this! I also have a deep love for world foods and will often immerse myself in different cultures learning about their foods. For a week Al and I ate nothing but Korean food and I have to say it was amazingly delicious. I don’t have a lot of photos and most aren’t the best quality as every evening hubby would come home from work and we would settle ourselves in bed and watch an episode of Kimchi Chronicles and then get up and go cook something to eat for supper. Which means I had no light to take photos of my food! The first photo here did turn out nice. This is some Bulgogi that I made served with lettuce leaves and rice as well as some lovely rolls and homemade potato salad our friends Paul and Karen brought over for us to eat. I love having guests over and feeding people and we had a lot of fun both eating and then going to the barn and working with the horses.

The recipe for Bulgogi is available here: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/bulgogi


This meal was also made with friends. I went down to visit my best friend Jessica and her husband in the city and stopped at an Asian food store to pick up supplies to make korean food that I didn’t have access to in the country. So Jessica’s husband asked if I would make him some Bibimbap from leftovers he had in the refrigerator.

You can make it any way that you like but here is a basic Bibimbap recipe



While I was in the city I visited another one of my friends who is an Urban homesteader/prepper. Shes Anonymous on the internet so I wont name her but I’ve lived with her while training at work and worked with her for three years prior to this and she is the most amazing person ever and I love her kids as if they were my own. They are the kind of people that if my house was bigger I would move their whole family in to live with me.  We got together along with two other friends of ours and made Kimchi(Fermented nappa cabbage). Hubby was really happy when I came home with this!

This isn’t the recipe I followed but most likely the one I will try next time I make some. I absolutely love Maangchi’s recipes.



Dont be fooled by the look of this. It looks gross but it is DELICIOUS!. Its called Ddeokbokki(hot and spicy ride cake). I added bean sprouts and shrimp to mine

Recipe can be found here http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ddukbokkie DSC_0677

Fall is coming, Why not make Pumpkin bread!

My mother was over and dropped off a few things from her garden and at the same time asked me if I wanted the last of her Pumpkin Puree from last years harvest. Since Pumpkin season is almost upon us I agreed as I had just found a little Toaster oven(Our oven was broken and not working) and wanted to bake some Pumpkin Bread. I Proceeded to thaw out my Pumpkin Puree and get started on the ingredients. I used the recipe from


I love the look of Pumpkin Puree don’t you?


I sifted all my dry ingredients(The Zucchini in the back is because I also made a loaf of zucchini bread adapted from this recipe)DSC_0784

All sifted and stirred for good measure.

DSC_0745 - Copy 

Something here looks off doesn’t it? Turns out the other package of frozen Pumpkin Puree I had was actually spaghetti squash. But I just shrugged and threw it in anyway. Its a squash just like Pumpkin! I’m nothing if not willing to experiment.


Once the wet is all stirred mix the dry into it and mix well just don’t over stir.DSC_0771

Not the other thing is I didn’t have any Walnuts so I used what I had on hand and mixed half crushed almonds and half Hemp seeds. DSC_0772

Now with these I folded them in with my rubber spatula instead of stirring. DSC_0773


Now place into a greased Bread pan and pop in the oven!


Or in my case a Toaster oven!


And once its ready take it out. I had just one small burnt spot as unlike an oven this was fairly close to the heating element.


Let cool slightly then remove from bread pan onto a cooling rack.


Once cooled a bit more slice and serve with some butter and enjoy the wonderful Fall flavor!DSC_0788

Trip to the zoo

Not really homestead related but I was with my friends and they randomly decided we should go to the zoo as they had anteaters on loan and wanted to go see them and it just happened my camera was with me. I sadly didn’t have my 135 mm prime lens which would have gotten much better photos!


These Hissing cockroaches were pretty creepy to look at but interesting to look at.


Such a lazy lion but hes always been like this. Hes is so beautiful.






These wild horses were amazing to see in person.



This is my buddy. EVERYTIME I go to the zoo I have to find him and his mate and talk to them. There were some people looking at him as I approached and I apologized in advance telling them I was going to look a little insane in a second but the parrots love it. Then Proceeded to excitedly tell him HI! How are you! How has my good boy been? and he started to  excitedly say HI! and squawk and dance for me.


These Banty roosters were adorable!



These Pigmy goats were at the petting zoo.


This cute little fella(Red eared slider was sunbathing



This little Blue and Gold Macaw was very entertained with me. I used to keep a flock of birds and I know how to talk to bird(High pitch and excited!). You could see his eyes pin with excitement and he sang for me and told me hello!



Gorgeous Hyacinth Macaw. It was amazing to see one in person for the first time.



Beautiful Coatimundi



These Pygmy Marmosets always make my day. Their so tiny!


These Otters hadnt been there last time I was at the zoo so I was happy to see them back




The new Jaguar exhibit is really nice. Their not pacing nearly as much as they used to and are much more relaxed and happy.


The anteaters were amazing to see in person! I wish my husband could have been with me to see these.


Hoping you enjoyed the photos. If you live in New Brunswick deffinetly come take a look at Magnetic Hill zoo