Time to Dry some herbs

Today my herb garden desperately needing some tending. My Dill and Coriander were taking over and seeding. I dont want my whole raised bed to be dill next year so had to start drying. So with this I should have more than enough for the next year and to give away to friends and family.

The photo is a little dark and you want to dry your herbs in a dark area. Had to use the flash.


Update: While hanging the herbs works very well. DO NOT do such a large bouquet as I did and I strongly suggest laying everything loosely on paper towel and patting it dry to make sure any moisture left is removed before you dry. I had to throw out all of my dill and Cilantro as it browned.


and an update on my herb garden. Tomorrow i’m going to see if I cant do something about all that parsley. I need to clear some up(Maybe dry it as well) so some of my other herbs can grow a bit more.


I would love suggestions on uses for herbs and how you like to grow them. This is my first year growing my herbs and it has been a fun adventure.


Pantry and Food Organization

One Very important thing when Living in the country ESPECIALLY if you don’t own a vehicle like we do is having a well stocked pantry. I thought I would share a few photos of How I organize my things. My Pantry itself is not organized at all anymore. It used to be back when I was in the city. I’ve been busy with other things and haven’t found the time. I’m sure I will be posting photos later on when I re-organize

Another thing is that we try not to eat anything prepackaged(Processed) as much as we can. It does cost more but It helps me to lost weight and both of us to be healthier.

The photos came out a little gritty as I was taking photos last night and forgot to put the Iso back to 200. So took daylight photos at ISO 1600!

This is what a Healthy refrigerator looks like all prepped to go 🙂


I soak a lot of my fruits and veggies in water and lemon juice to both wash anything that might be on them and to help them last longer. Then for some like pineapple I will prep it and put it in plastic containers. Same with the grapes. Celeri I chop up and put in a container and fill it with water to keep it crisp


I put mushrooms in brown paper bags to last longer


I look forward to buying a quarter or half a cow and pig this fall if all goes well. We have two deep freezes but one is unplugged and empty the other one is the freezer for pet foods. The rhubarb was taken from my mothers friends garden this spring. Now that I have Strawberries(I will post that adventure later) I look forward to making some Jam. The baggie in front of the Rhubarb is homemade veggie burgers. They are DELICIOUS!


Now Why would I take a photo of my Freezer door with baggies in it. Im posting it so I can give a tip. Save all your bones(Bag them by type a.k.a chicken, beef, pork, venison etc) and keep your ends of carrot,onion,celeri etc and freeze them as well in another baggie(I double bag so it doesent freezerburn) when you have enough take your slow cooker out and make some stock! Again I will post How I do this later on 🙂


I love storing foods in glass jars. I get most of mine at Dollaramas. We are planning to use a little Alcove in the kitchen to put shelves to put my homemade canned goods as well as these Jars. They are a bit everywhere right now sadly. I LOVE this Armoire but it needs a few more shelves put in.


Another shelf that came with the place. I have all my cookbooks on top of it :). I really need to get some proper bookends. You can see that I buy 10 pound bags of beans. What I do then is cook one pound of beans with six cups of water for around six hours or so then I bag it two cups per baggie freeze it flat. One baggie equals one can and it doesent have all the preservatives in it. And you save a lot of money! I buy ten pounds of black beans for 12$ We had calculated last time a savings of 57$



I just love seeing food in Jars don’t you?