New chickens! And morning feeding is the best time for photos!

Time to feed the chickens! I finally took the camera out to get some photos of the chickens in their new coop(Well technically its just a huge part of the barn)

Here’s one of our Buckeye roosters. He doesn’t have the slate barring I want though so he might be one of the roosters we process.


Looks like I have a groucho easter egger as well(For those who have seen Les Farms little Groucho!(Look at the easter egger in the left corner and you will see what I mean!)


One of the Silkie Polish crosses in the old Manure pile scratching for bugs


Jim the fish(Runner cross)  and Tammy the call duck


And this is why I call hubby the chicken Pied Piper!DSC_0268

Some of the easter eggers enjoying some bugs in the old manure pileDSC_0276

My turkeys are getting so big! I cant believe how small they were when I first got them.DSC_0284 DSC_0287 DSC_0289

One of my beautiful little Blue Australorp hensDSC_0290 DSC_0291

Sid Vicious my Blue Australorp rooster with my Mottled Houdan henDSC_0293 DSC_0295 DSC_0301 DSC_0302

Here’s our new Naked neck turken barred rock cross we received from Les Farms. Loving this little fellaDSC_0303

My Buckeye rooster pegleg. He got stepped on by a horse a few days ago and is limping but getting better. He has the slate barring we want and I’m hoping his limping fully heals so I can show him!


The pullet and cockerel naked necks together. You can see that their sex linked(Dark female, light male)

DSC_0309 DSC_0311

And our new Silkie rooster we received from Les Farms finally came out to say hello. Isn’t he handsome? DSC_0312 DSC_0313 DSC_0319 DSC_0320 DSC_0325 DSC_0326 DSC_0327 DSC_0330 DSC_0332

Hope you enjoyed the photos. Their not the best but getting better I realized a setting on my camera was wrong as I’m using old film lenses. That was the reason I have having a lot of issues with overexposure.


Chickens, bucks and kittens Oh My!

One of our friends had mentioned a few times before that he had a buck that he would be willing to loan us out and a week ago he came over and brought Mr Chico over to stud for our girls and they also surprised us with two Silkie polish crosses and a gorgeous little bantam rooster and they brought a carrier with five kittens we could pick a kitten from for our barn.

Here are the chickens free ranging next to the barn. The rooster is quite the character and I love his shrill little crow


Here is Chico the buck. He is quite the friendly guy but boy does he smell! My husband says he isn’t that bad but I can barely be in the barn since hes been here. Although I like him I am looking forward to giving him back.


Last but not least is our new barn kitten. Names welcome! We haven’t decided on one yet but she is a super sweet little girl and has settled in very well. She likes to sleep on our hay bales and loves to follow us around as we do chores



My husband and the little cat bonding


One of our friends said she was too friendly to be a barn cat. My opinion is I would rather a friendly barn cat so long as she still eats mice and rats for us!


Hope you enjoyed the photos. I am looking forward to having some milk and with a barn cat I can give her the first squirts of milk instead of throwing them out!

Its nice to be loved! a.k.a Chicken Stampede and updates around the barn

I am still getting used to my new shift. Waking up at 4 PM is a little disconcerting. This morning I got up and went down and noticed that my mothers friend was at the barn working on a few things we had hired him for. So I put my shoes on and headed to the barn from the corner of my eye I see the chicks free ranging close to my garden bed. I smiled and called out like I usually do. “Hey babies!” all of a sudden my WHOLE flock  start running towards me. I start to run knowing that if I don’t outrun them they will follow me straight to the barn. Laughing the whole time thinking Its rather nice to be loved! They did it a second time so I managed to take some photos.


My moms friend got a lot of things done and I’m very excited. For one We now have a DOOR. and only two boards left to put in to get the mesh installed  so lots of improvements!


Door oppenned


Electric fence gear just need to go out and finish installing the rest.


Almost there. One more board and we can start installing mesh


Were also going to have to mesh the area up top here and along the hay loft so the chickens cant roost up there and get to the covered riding arena(Where boats are loaded in winter to help pay land taxes)


Were also going to put the perches at the end here


And also my much anticipated milking stand! I cant wait to try it!


Lots of things were done today. My landlord came over and rode Bear(He was originally her very first horse) and gave me lots of tips and tricks and suggestions which really mean a lot. I rode for half an hour with her and got some of my confidence back. I really need to find a riding instructor to come down and help me get back into swing of things.

The farm is too quiet today…

I am devastated. Yesterday I found my miniature poodle with Steven my Silky rooster in his mouth. Its hard to write about. Him and Penelope were my first chickens and were bought as pet chickens.His name came for two reasons. One is that this father Steve died in my friends tragic barn fire(They lost all 175 birds, their livestock guardian and two sheep) and it was in memory of him as well as from the Alice Cooper song Steven(I must be dreaming please stop screaming!) He was the gentlest boy and has never pecked a chick. He would call to get everyone into the barn if a bird flew by. He was a sweet and attentive and perfect rooster. Anytime I would hear his little crow It would bring a smile to my face and a laugh. My homestead is too quiet today and it hurts.


R.I.P Steven I miss you.