Korean food : Healthy and Delicious!

Everyone knows that I love food you just have to look at me to know this! I also have a deep love for world foods and will often immerse myself in different cultures learning about their foods. For a week Al and I ate nothing but Korean food and I have to say it was amazingly delicious. I don’t have a lot of photos and most aren’t the best quality as every evening hubby would come home from work and we would settle ourselves in bed and watch an episode of Kimchi Chronicles and then get up and go cook something to eat for supper. Which means I had no light to take photos of my food! The first photo here did turn out nice. This is some Bulgogi that I made served with lettuce leaves and rice as well as some lovely rolls and homemade potato salad our friends Paul and Karen brought over for us to eat. I love having guests over and feeding people and we had a lot of fun both eating and then going to the barn and working with the horses.

The recipe for Bulgogi is available here: http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/bulgogi


This meal was also made with friends. I went down to visit my best friend Jessica and her husband in the city and stopped at an Asian food store to pick up supplies to make korean food that I didn’t have access to in the country. So Jessica’s husband asked if I would make him some Bibimbap from leftovers he had in the refrigerator.

You can make it any way that you like but here is a basic Bibimbap recipe



While I was in the city I visited another one of my friends who is an Urban homesteader/prepper. Shes Anonymous on the internet so I wont name her but I’ve lived with her while training at work and worked with her for three years prior to this and she is the most amazing person ever and I love her kids as if they were my own. They are the kind of people that if my house was bigger I would move their whole family in to live with me.  We got together along with two other friends of ours and made Kimchi(Fermented nappa cabbage). Hubby was really happy when I came home with this!

This isn’t the recipe I followed but most likely the one I will try next time I make some. I absolutely love Maangchi’s recipes.



Dont be fooled by the look of this. It looks gross but it is DELICIOUS!. Its called Ddeokbokki(hot and spicy ride cake). I added bean sprouts and shrimp to mine

Recipe can be found here http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ddukbokkie DSC_0677