I live on a 15 acre homestead in Atlantic Canada. A dream fulfilled after a long wait. Our goal is to slowly move towards semi self reliance. I am 26 years old and love to cook and sew and do arts and crafts. I get deep satisfaction from making things from scratch. I also love Photography. I am hoping that with this blog I can share a little bit of my life and know how as well as document things that we learn as we go throughout our adventures in homesteading




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  1. My friend Jessie in Australia (rabidlittlehippy) sent me a link to your blog a while ago, but I only just got around to visiting. Love it! I’m from BC and will go back there eventually; for now I live in Edmonton, AB. Yes, in the city ;-( But for now I’m happy to be here with my Mum and Aunty. It was lovely to read all your recent posts. Your chickens are gorgeous and you have some I hadn’t read about. Haven’t seen photos of your horses yet, but will keep an eye out for them. I had horses for a while and still miss them.

    Loved your bread solution, too. Did you know you can make a great cough remedy from flax seed? I used to use it for my kids.

    All the best, and I’m looking forward to following your adventures. ~ Linne

    • Im not sure how I missed this specific post? Very odd. I havent been on my blog in a long time. I lost my job and hubby as well(They closed down the kitchen) A bit over a year ago. We just got the internet reconnected today. Im hoping that Ill be able to start blogging again though winter is coming which means much less farming stuff to post about but maybe cooking and such for sure! I would LOVE to get your flax couch remedy recipe!! That will come in handy this flu season which is coming up!

  2. Hi and welcome back! You gave me a bit of a turn, there when you said “I lost my job and hubby as well” I figured it out, though. So it might have been much worse. Not to make light of losing your jobs, though. Been there, done that and it’s not so easy to pick yourself up and start again, is it?

    I’d say blog about whatever interests you and it will evolve; that’s what worked for me, anyway.

    The cough remedy: put flaxseeds into a cup. Try a rounded teaspoonful the first time, but I think you can use up to a rounded Tablespoonful. Pour in about a half cup of boiling water, cover with a saucer and let sit. When it’s got the consistency of egg white, strain out the flax seeds and add lemon juice and honey to taste. You can add the honey sooner so it will melt in more easily. Sip it by the teaspoonful as needed. My boys loved it and so do I! It’s especially helpful for those rough coughs when the throat gets so raw.

    One thing that can help you avoid colds and ‘flu’ is eating an alkaline-producing diet, which means lots of veggies, some fruit, and not eating more than one starch at a meal. Also don’t mix meat and starch or sugar and starch. (so fruit pie is better than cake) and don’t have dairy and citrus at the same meal. I tend to eat eggs and citrus for breakfast one day and cereal and milk or yoghourt and fruit or the like on the next day. Makes it easy as I don’t like having to think about stuff like that all the time. There’s a great book about maintaining a healthy acid-alkaline balance called “Alkalize or Die!” which sounds a bit scary, but it isn’t. I had an awesome alternative-minded doctor back in the late 60s and she introduced me to many alternative approaches to health, and I use what I learned through her to this day. By the way, being too alkaline is even worse than being too acidic; it’s achieving the balance that’s important; we should be like the ideal garden, about 7.5 alkaline, where 7.0 is the mid-point. Anyway, if you have any questions about all this, feel free to email me at maelinne@hotmail.com If it’s not your thing, no worries; I just like to share what I’ve learned when someone is interested.

    To get back to you, I hope you are both working again and have found work you enjoy. Not always easy these days, I know. I’m looking forward to seeing you posting again. ~ Linne

    • Haha It’s late here sorry for that XD. And I think our jobs will definitely be good for us. Hubby is back in a kitchen which he usually hates but the boss works in the kitchen also so she knows what she is doing. That’s always his pet peeve, someone who owns a restaurant but has no idea how a kitchen should be run so there’s too much on the menu, impossible things expected from staff etc. The owner is really easygoing and the menu very simple and delicious.

      Im going to be working from home. It’s another call center type job which I vowed I would never do but this one is mainly chat and when I do have to get on the phone its not that bad.

      Only downside is we will both only be working part time but at the same time it lowers stress. Which will be good for us. So plus sides and down sides XD

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