How to clean a Leather Saddle

We had this old saddle sitting here collecting dust and looking really awful and so I asked my landlord if we cleaned it if We could use it as my husbands saddle and she agreed as it fits our horses. So I decided to give it a good clean. Because It was so dirty I started with a bucket of warm water with just a little bit of dish soap and washed it and scrubbed it with a toothbrush and a cleaning brush and let it dry a bit. Then I used saddle soap  and wet a sponge and put it on the container to get it nice and soapy and washed it with that as well and waited a few moments and wiped it with a wet cloth(Just water) Then I used a saddle oil and sprayed it on(You can use different kinds I just happened to have a spray on leather conditioner I sprayed it on a sponge and wiped it all over the saddle waited a few minutes then buffed it. Its amazing how much nicer it looks now. I would probably do the leg area of it again as it was so dirty but It looks much nicer and I cant wait to get another saddle pad and a cinch so hubby can start learning to ride!



So don’t give up on those rough looking saddles that look like their better off being thrown out! If their a good quality saddle sometimes all it needs is a good wash and oil!


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