Fall is coming, Why not make Pumpkin bread!

My mother was over and dropped off a few things from her garden and at the same time asked me if I wanted the last of her Pumpkin Puree from last years harvest. Since Pumpkin season is almost upon us I agreed as I had just found a little Toaster oven(Our oven was broken and not working) and wanted to bake some Pumpkin Bread. I Proceeded to thaw out my Pumpkin Puree and get started on the ingredients. I used the recipe from


I love the look of Pumpkin Puree don’t you?


I sifted all my dry ingredients(The Zucchini in the back is because I also made a loaf of zucchini bread adapted from this recipe)DSC_0784

All sifted and stirred for good measure.

DSC_0745 - Copy 

Something here looks off doesn’t it? Turns out the other package of frozen Pumpkin Puree I had was actually spaghetti squash. But I just shrugged and threw it in anyway. Its a squash just like Pumpkin! I’m nothing if not willing to experiment.


Once the wet is all stirred mix the dry into it and mix well just don’t over stir.DSC_0771

Not the other thing is I didn’t have any Walnuts so I used what I had on hand and mixed half crushed almonds and half Hemp seeds. DSC_0772

Now with these I folded them in with my rubber spatula instead of stirring. DSC_0773


Now place into a greased Bread pan and pop in the oven!


Or in my case a Toaster oven!


And once its ready take it out. I had just one small burnt spot as unlike an oven this was fairly close to the heating element.


Let cool slightly then remove from bread pan onto a cooling rack.


Once cooled a bit more slice and serve with some butter and enjoy the wonderful Fall flavor!DSC_0788


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