Chickens, bucks and kittens Oh My!

One of our friends had mentioned a few times before that he had a buck that he would be willing to loan us out and a week ago he came over and brought Mr Chico over to stud for our girls and they also surprised us with two Silkie polish crosses and a gorgeous little bantam rooster and they brought a carrier with five kittens we could pick a kitten from for our barn.

Here are the chickens free ranging next to the barn. The rooster is quite the character and I love his shrill little crow


Here is Chico the buck. He is quite the friendly guy but boy does he smell! My husband says he isn’t that bad but I can barely be in the barn since hes been here. Although I like him I am looking forward to giving him back.


Last but not least is our new barn kitten. Names welcome! We haven’t decided on one yet but she is a super sweet little girl and has settled in very well. She likes to sleep on our hay bales and loves to follow us around as we do chores



My husband and the little cat bonding


One of our friends said she was too friendly to be a barn cat. My opinion is I would rather a friendly barn cat so long as she still eats mice and rats for us!


Hope you enjoyed the photos. I am looking forward to having some milk and with a barn cat I can give her the first squirts of milk instead of throwing them out!


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