How to Freeze Fresh Zucchini from the garden for winter.

My mother and her friends have had much better yields than I have this year and have been nice enough to share a lot of it with me.  One of the things I received a good amount of is Large Zucchini. So I decided to Freeze some for zucchini breads and such and thought I would share how I do it. Now this back I didn’t remove the seeds and was told afterwards to scoop them out. I don’t find it makes a difference BUT If your Zucchini are Heirloom this is a VERY good idea because you can keep the seeds to plant next year.

I start out with Quartering my Zucchini after I’ve chopped off the ends. At this point next time I will half it and scoop the seeds out then I will quarter it.DSC_0740



DSC_0754 - Copy

After that comes the shredding. It really helps if you have a food processor with the grater attachment. If not you can do it by hand of course


I always end up with skins and ends on top.


Just pop those in a baggie and give them to the chickens once your done!DSC_0757 - Copy 

Food processor full of Shredded Zuchini


And a baggie full scraps for the chickens!


And a Bowl full of zucchini ready to bag.


I fill small baggies with 2 cups of the zucchini.

DSC_0748 - Copy

I then close it leaving a small gap for air to escape and press the zucchini flat until I get it right to the edgeDSC_0749 - Copy

Rinse and Repeat until all of your bags are full.


Once their all done you can Freeze them flat(On a cookie sheet or something similar and then it makes it easier to store them in your deep freeze. Once their full frozen I usually put multiple bags into a larger zip-lock to protect them from freezer burn.


One baggie is perfect to make a batch of zucchini bread which makes two loafs. I will make a blog post on this later on!


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