So convention time has been upon us. That along with stuff around the farm and work has kept me pretty busy. I have a pile of photos I just need to make sense of what I want to say and how I want to share it and I will post a pile of new posts within the next few weeks. Now that the mosquitoes are dying down I just like being out of the house at the barn more than in front of the computer :). Please be patient with me and i will update!. The photos I just shared are as follows. The three eggs in my hand are eggs I found this morning in the coop! Looks like my chickens are finally starting to lay! and the photo with two eggs is one egg next to a store bought egg. I think these three are from two new hens I was given two days ago as well as Penelope(Penny) my Silkie egg who since Steven died has been really under the weather. Ever since these two silkie polish crosses and this little bantam rooster have showed up she really has perked up and it shows with the egg she just layed :).


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