Its nice to be loved! a.k.a Chicken Stampede and updates around the barn

I am still getting used to my new shift. Waking up at 4 PM is a little disconcerting. This morning I got up and went down and noticed that my mothers friend was at the barn working on a few things we had hired him for. So I put my shoes on and headed to the barn from the corner of my eye I see the chicks free ranging close to my garden bed. I smiled and called out like I usually do. “Hey babies!” all of a sudden my WHOLE flock  start running towards me. I start to run knowing that if I don’t outrun them they will follow me straight to the barn. Laughing the whole time thinking Its rather nice to be loved! They did it a second time so I managed to take some photos.


My moms friend got a lot of things done and I’m very excited. For one We now have a DOOR. and only two boards left to put in to get the mesh installed  so lots of improvements!


Door oppenned


Electric fence gear just need to go out and finish installing the rest.


Almost there. One more board and we can start installing mesh


Were also going to have to mesh the area up top here and along the hay loft so the chickens cant roost up there and get to the covered riding arena(Where boats are loaded in winter to help pay land taxes)


Were also going to put the perches at the end here


And also my much anticipated milking stand! I cant wait to try it!


Lots of things were done today. My landlord came over and rode Bear(He was originally her very first horse) and gave me lots of tips and tricks and suggestions which really mean a lot. I rode for half an hour with her and got some of my confidence back. I really need to find a riding instructor to come down and help me get back into swing of things.


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