Time to Dry some herbs

Today my herb garden desperately needing some tending. My Dill and Coriander were taking over and seeding. I dont want my whole raised bed to be dill next year so had to start drying. So with this I should have more than enough for the next year and to give away to friends and family.

The photo is a little dark and you want to dry your herbs in a dark area. Had to use the flash.


Update: While hanging the herbs works very well. DO NOT do such a large bouquet as I did and I strongly suggest laying everything loosely on paper towel and patting it dry to make sure any moisture left is removed before you dry. I had to throw out all of my dill and Cilantro as it browned.


and an update on my herb garden. Tomorrow i’m going to see if I cant do something about all that parsley. I need to clear some up(Maybe dry it as well) so some of my other herbs can grow a bit more.


I would love suggestions on uses for herbs and how you like to grow them. This is my first year growing my herbs and it has been a fun adventure.


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