The farm is too quiet today…

I am devastated. Yesterday I found my miniature poodle with Steven my Silky rooster in his mouth. Its hard to write about. Him and Penelope were my first chickens and were bought as pet chickens.His name came for two reasons. One is that this father Steve died in my friends tragic barn fire(They lost all 175 birds, their livestock guardian and two sheep) and it was in memory of him as well as from the Alice Cooper song Steven(I must be dreaming please stop screaming!) He was the gentlest boy and has never pecked a chick. He would call to get everyone into the barn if a bird flew by. He was a sweet and attentive and perfect rooster. Anytime I would hear his little crow It would bring a smile to my face and a laugh. My homestead is too quiet today and it hurts.


R.I.P Steven I miss you.



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