A small Tour of the Farm

What homestead Blog would be complete without a tour of the homestead! I love taking photos so on occasion I go a bit photo heavy. I apologize in advance!


This is our barn that we use. The indoor riding arena is rented out in winter to store boats so we don’t have access to it during that time of year but the barn is ours and we absolutely love it. It was quite a mess when we moved in but we are slowly getting it back up to par. The fencing is being replaced soon. A previous tenant(Not the last one thankfully as I know him! 😉 ) had one horse but did not live at the house so barely came down to feed and water her horse and he chewed all the fences up. Some people I just cant understand. We mended all the broken fences when Our horses and the two rescue standardbreds(The skinny horses you might see in photos here and there) I’m boarding.



Bear in the barn saying hello. We have those two stall doors attached so the horses have free access to pasture and the barn 24/7.




My Mothers boyfriend set up a nice little tool area with old horseshoes and nails so we can hang everything up !



The box stalls on the older side of the barn. There are six of them total and they are a really nice size.  This half of the barn is what was here when I took lessons


Hallway of the barn with my two sweeties in the back saying hello



The newer part of the barn. This was a mess when we moved in but we have been working hard clearing it up. This is where our chicken coop is eventually moving. We are closing it off from the riding arena and putting some mesh as well for ventilation



The pasture. This was taken from the door where the chickens will be let our to free range. We are going to set up some electric fence around it so the horses cant access the coop area


DSC_0329 DSC_0330

The Indoor riding arena. We sadly don’t get to use it in winter but it is a great thing to have for rainy days!


The Cow Barn. Back when I took lessons here There actually were cows but there hasn’t been cows in this barn in about ten years. We have access to it though but its been suggested only to use it if we run out of space as the water freezes in the barn in winter but the horse barn is insulated.


Crab apple tree. Looking forward to feeding some to the horses. We want to pasture that area for pigs eventually



The raised Herb Garden bed I built this year. Hoping for many more to come


DSC_0267 DSC_0271


So there you have it a small tour to kick off our blog :). Hope you enjoyed it as much as we do!


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