Welcome to our Homestead Dream!

Welcome! After a few months of settling in I can finally say that We are blessed to live on a 15 acre homestead which almost didn’t come to be. A little bit of information on us.

We are a married couple. My husband and I have always loved animals. Hubby is from Newfoundland and born and raised in the city but with the soul of a country boy. I was raised in the country but always wanted to get away from it. Once I met my husband and we started to live in the city we both started to crave open space and living off the land. We were miserable stuck in a too small apartment that we had outgrown and was falling apart around us just dreaming of somewhere peaceful and quiet where there wouldn’t be sirens blaring at six in the morning and where we could raise some chickens and goats and maybe have a horse or two.

One day while Talking to my mother she mentioned she met a man who had a farmhouse for sale and we contact him and were well on the way to buying the house. We had fallen in love and would have moved then and there. Unfortunately he ended up selling the house to someone else. I was devastated. I posted on Facebook about it and within a minute my old riding instructor replied back semi-jokingly that I could have her farm if I wanted but it wasn’t where we wanted it. She is currently living out west so I initially thought that was where she meant and advised her I would move anywhere. As we kept on talking I realized that the farm she meant was actually where I used to take riding lessons as a teenager! A lot of people told us we were crazy to move to the country,Especially since we don’t own a car or have our licenses.(Don’t worry were working on it πŸ˜‰ ) but we had a dream and were set to make it happen. I set out and applied at a few work from home positions and landed the perfect job. and with the help of some very good friends and family we moved to our lovely homestead and couldn’t be happier.

Granted I’m still getting used to the mosquitoes but I don’t think anyone truly get used to them!

We have 15 acres of land with two barns. We are currently only using one and Don’t really think we will outgrow it anytime soon. I’m slowly learning my limits and what works and what doesn’t.

For fun I will share a few things I have learnt(Some serious some not to serious, Ok Mainly not so serious!)

1. I like Raised beds. I do NOT like the traditional garden plots. The proof is in the weed infested garden plots and beautiful raised herb garden bed! And No I am not showing my weed infested garden plot. Let me lick my wounds in peace πŸ˜‰



DSC_0111 DSC_0113 DSC_0114

2. Chickens are the most entertaining things in the world. Produce eggs and can be used for meat consumption. You REALLY need some in your homestead! And Pick some nice free range breeds. There is nothing more entertaining than having a flock of chickens follow you around like puppy dogs when its feeding time

DSC_0355 DSC_0363 DSC_0371 DSC_0379 DSC_0382 DSC_0392 DSC_0396 DSC_0400 DSC_0412 DSC_0413 DSC_0419 DSC_0424 DSC_0428 DSC_0429


DSC_0433 DSC_0437 DSC_0457

3. Horses. Ah horses. Why did I wait so long? Well probably just because I needed the right horse to fall into my life. But horses definitely are a girls best friend. And her husbands best friend too if your lucky enough to land yourself a good man!

Our two rescue standardbred Boarders. They came to us nothing but skin and bones. They have been here two weeks and look 100% better. Still a lot of weight to gain but we are slowly upping feed as we go so as not to shock their systems. They just weren’t wormed and they paddock was half the size of our smallest paddock.


Spirit my 12-year-old Chestnut Quarterhorse. She came from a bible camp where she was overused and just became frustrated and Cinchy. She loves having one on one attention and learning that nothing is going to be forced on her anymore. She was underweight as well when she came to me but has filled back up nicely


Bear my 23-year-old Ex Trotter Dark Bay Standardbred. He is a big baby and has been loved his whole life by everyone who has ever owned him. He is super smart and knows it.


So these are a few photos of around our homestead. I hope you enjoy. I will post a tour of the farm soon for everyone.

I love comments so they are most welcome and if you homestead as well I love hearing stories. I love cooking so you will be seeing recipes and projects pop up as I do them. I love blogging as it keeps me active with projects and such:)


3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Homestead Dream!

  1. Oh how I love a good story – so happy to hear you guys got what you’ve been looking for. I’ve been there so I know how rewarding that feeling is. It definitely makes all those hard times worth it. How many chickens/ducks do you have?

  2. You’re in Canada, right? We just got back from the Lake Superior Circle Tour camping trip and what an absolutely beautiful country Canada is! We will be back, but in the mean time I look forward to reading your Canadian Homesteading adventures.

  3. Megan I have around 35-40 birds right now. Heritage Rhode Island reds, easter eggers, Blue australorps, Chanteclercs, Easter Eggers and Mottled Houdans and I have two call ducks and one indian runner and two mutt turkeys. Elizabeth. Yes we live in Atlantic Canada :). I dont have an exact number as We lost a few chicks to the heat and putting them in with the adults too fast. Im going to get an exact number when we move them to the barn soon.

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