Time to Dry some herbs

Today my herb garden desperately needing some tending. My Dill and Coriander were taking over and seeding. I dont want my whole raised bed to be dill next year so had to start drying. So with this I should have more than enough for the next year and to give away to friends and family.

The photo is a little dark and you want to dry your herbs in a dark area. Had to use the flash.


Update: While hanging the herbs works very well. DO NOT do such a large bouquet as I did and I strongly suggest laying everything loosely on paper towel and patting it dry to make sure any moisture left is removed before you dry. I had to throw out all of my dill and Cilantro as it browned.


and an update on my herb garden. Tomorrow i’m going to see if I cant do something about all that parsley. I need to clear some up(Maybe dry it as well) so some of my other herbs can grow a bit more.


I would love suggestions on uses for herbs and how you like to grow them. This is my first year growing my herbs and it has been a fun adventure.


Update on the goats

The goats have been here three days as of today and are settling in well. I desperately need a milking stand! Martha isn’t TOO hard to milk but without the stand you need two people to milk her. They are getting much friendlier now that they know that people=treats(Bribery will get you everywhere with goats). and aren’t cowering in a corner anymore. They are still nervous of the dogs though but I’m sure that will pass in time.

Here is a video my friend took while visiting. I apologize for my friends potty mouths in advance! And the disgrace comments are a Pewdiepie reference. They don’t actually mean my goats are a disgrace!

Its goat day!

Today we add new additions to the homestead that really make our little homestead reality. My friend and I took my mothers car and traveled two hours to pick up two goats!  Like any Canadian road trip it started with gassing up then getting some tims!DSC_0855

When we got to the city we stopped at Dollarama to pick up a tarp as well as some dog collars so we could leash the goats if anything happenned


Then stopped at J&P farm supplies to pick up some extra things like feed, insulators for electric fencing, feed etc.


With some work(Martha did NOT want to go up the hill to the car) we finally got the girls into the car. Martha is the black alpine toggenburg mix and her daughter is rose). Martha is already producing milk!



On our way back we stopped to order McDonalds(Lots of weird looks from passers by!)


Martha would have liked a salad without dressing but since they didn’t have this she settled for some apple slices!


Rose just being cute






Nibbling my friends ear


I wasn’t able to get a hay rack so this will do for now.


Pale of stock salt for the goats


And the goats finally in their stall. They are nervous but will settle down soon.


It was a long day and I am exhausted and back home just in time to start my shift. Very excited about trying to milk Martha. Also we are getting some visit from my friends from the city tomorrow so that will be great fun also. I am going to have a very busy four day weekend!

The farm is too quiet today…

I am devastated. Yesterday I found my miniature poodle with Steven my Silky rooster in his mouth. Its hard to write about. Him and Penelope were my first chickens and were bought as pet chickens.His name came for two reasons. One is that this father Steve died in my friends tragic barn fire(They lost all 175 birds, their livestock guardian and two sheep) and it was in memory of him as well as from the Alice Cooper song Steven(I must be dreaming please stop screaming!) He was the gentlest boy and has never pecked a chick. He would call to get everyone into the barn if a bird flew by. He was a sweet and attentive and perfect rooster. Anytime I would hear his little crow It would bring a smile to my face and a laugh. My homestead is too quiet today and it hurts.


R.I.P Steven I miss you.